About Me

My name is Nicole Thomas, and I am a knitwear designer, technical editor, and knitting instructor from Ajax, Ontario, Canada. I first learned to knit as a child, around when I was eight years old. Over the years, I kept coming back to the craft but struggled to get beyond the dreaded flat square and truly understand what a knitting pattern was telling me. In 2014, I  returned to the yarn aisle and turned to YouTube to help me advance my knitting skills. I haven’t put my needles down since!


I love knitting, and creating unique pieces with just some string and sticks is something extraordinary. As a knitting instructor, I want to share the joy of knitting to others and help them discover the real magic that comes with creating something out of nothing. As a technical editor of knitting patterns, I love working with new designers to turn their ideas into reality. And in my own designs, I am inspired by nature and the beautiful world around us to bring stylish and modern knitwear to life. 

I live in Ajax, Ontario, Canada with my husband, Stephen, and our two cats, Bruce and Alfie. When I am not knitting, I enjoy reading, watching movies and TV, exploring nature trails and travelling. I am also a certified yoga instructor and love practicing and teaching gentle and restorative yoga.