Birds of a Feather Hat

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Introducing the Birds of a Feather Hat. This hat was initially inspired by my husband, who always seemed to put the hats I made him on inside-out. I was determined to create a reversible hat to solve this problem.

The proverb “birds of a feather flock together” refers to people with common interests, ideas, or characteristics that tend to seek out or associate with one another. It originates from nature’s phenomenon of similar birds flocking and migrating together. Throughout history, humans have flocked to one another for support, safety, comfort, and joy. There is great significance in finding a connection to others through shared interests such as knitting or values such as inclusivity and accessibility.

Anyone and everyone can wear this hat. There is a wide range of sizes available, so your whole flock can wear one to show that you are one, sticking together during good times and bad.

This design is also entirely reversible. You can wear it either way, which allows each bird to show off its individuality while remaining connected to its flock.

Sizes available (based on Craft Yarn Council head circumference chart):

  • Preemie – 12 in / 30 cm

  • Baby – 14 in / 35 cm

  • Toddler – 16 in / 40 cm

  • Child – 18 in / 45 cm

  • Small – 20 in / 50 cm

  • Medium – 22 in / 55 cm

  • Large – 24 in / 60 cm

  • Extra Large – 26 in / 65 cm

Recommended yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease (samples in colourway Raindrops and Grey Heather) or similar worsted weight yarn.

Check out #BirdsOfAFeatherHat on Instagram to see more of this hat in action.

Visit my pattern shop to get your copy now.

Also available in my Ravelry shop.

Happy knitting!


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